Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Thanet Early Years Project Schema Vision

In adopting a schema approach to children's learning and development our nurseries and creches will achieve:
  • Enriched observations where practitioners understand what learning is taking place.
  • The key person will keep richer learning stories of individual children in their care.
  • There will be an enhanced environment which includes more risk taking; tuning into children and just 'letting children be'.
  • Children will be leading the practitioners as opposed to practioners leading the children in activites.
  • Practitioners will be more relaxed, knowledgeable and highly motivated.
  • There will be strong partnerships with parents and sustained shared dialogue about children's schemas, learning and development.
However, in order for TEYP to achieve this vision and the above success; 70 plus staff need to be trained and I  have been given the mammoth task of writing and producing it.

Once the schema training  is written by myself and colleague, Mandy we are to deliver it to all nursery staff (and some creche staff) during our TEYP Staff Training Week June 2011.

Rotation Schema


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