Friday, 1 July 2011

Team of Schema Facilitators'

In order to ensure that there is lots of support in the settings (in addition to Karen and I) each room in each nursery has its own Schema Facilitator.

Firstly I would like to thank them all for volunteering for such an important role in helping me to implement the schema approach and keep it going.

The team of facilitators are:

Explorers - Emma (FR) Michelle (BR)
Hand in Hand - Amy (BR) Debbie (TR) Emma (P-SR)
Smarties - Claire & Vikki
Growing Together - Mandy (BR) Cat (FR)

From September Karen and I will be visiting each setting and offering any support where needed. This support might be to do with helping staff to spot a schema or to help plan a PLOD. It could be anything. In doing this we will be working very closely with the facilitator.

The facilitator role is that of a support system linked to each room. For example, they are staff's first port of call if they have a question or concern, etc. If the facilitator is unable to deal with any queries they will then contact myself or Karen to assist.

The facilitator can call on myself or Karen at any time. If possible we will assist asap; if not an appointment may need to be made. However, whatever happens, my intention is to not let staff struggle and get behind; but to keep on top of our observations, planning and assessments and to provide the highest quality of care and learning in order to improve outcomes for all our children.

Each facilitator received a copy of the book 'Again and Again' and a flip camcorder to use with their team.

This little girl transport her doll on the bike around the garden

Facilitator Network Meetings!

All facilitators will be invited to a network meeting every 6 - 12 weeks. This is to enable us to share good practice across the settings and to inform each other of what we are doing in our individual rooms and nurseries.

The meetings will also give facilitators an opportunity to feedback any problems and solutions they may have tried; anything they feel worked or hasn't worked, etc. Facilitators can share knowledge, experience, activities, ideas, plans, etc.

A trajectory line of chain links. This could also
fall under a connection schema.

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