Friday, 4 March 2011

What is a rotation schema?

Some children are fascinated by things that are circular or that spin and rotate. For example they are fixated on the washing machine when it spins fast or tumbles round. They like playing with water wheels, spinning tops, hoops and balls and rather than ride their bike they like to tip it upside down and spin the wheels.

Rotation is all about things that go round or have a round shape. This boy is rolling a tyre and will occasionally stop to rock the tyre to and fro in order to feel the roundness of the tyre.
Achild fascinated with rotation will:
  • like spinning round
  • love anything with wheels that turn
  • enjoy ring games and rotation dances
Children following a rotation schema may be interested in the movement aspect; 'When this goes round, this happens'. This is also an important schema in terms of the development of children's writing, as, in English,  many lower case letters involve an element of rotation. These children also enjoy repetitive stories and rhymes.

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