Friday, 4 March 2011

Trajectory Schema

What is a trajectory schema?

Trajectory is all about straight lines up and down or across.
Trajectory schema may have elements of vertical, horizontal and grid movements. 
A child that has a trajectory schema is interested in things, and themselves moving in straight lines;  up and down or across. It is a very common schema and one that young babies will often display;  explaining why they love to drop things from their highchairs.

This two year old builds a trajectory line with blocks

A child with a trajectory schema may
  • Always seem to be running around.
  • Likes throwing things.
  • Likes to play with running water.
  • Likes pushing or building things in a straight line.
Main behaviours associated with trajectory schema include:
  • Spending a long time in the bathroom playing with running water
  • Climbing onto and jumping off equipment  
Children placing cartons and crates in straight lines

  • Drawing or painting lines
  • Making lines of cars, bricks, animals etc
  • Making trails
  • Bouncing balls
  • Pouring water from jugs
  • Hose pipes and sprays
  • Dribble runny paint
This two year old child has positioned animals in a straight line

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